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Echantillom Scandal Pour Homme Jean Paul Gaultier for men

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Scandal Pour Homme Jean Paul Gaultier for men


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Echantillom Scandal Pour Homme Jean Paul Gaultier for men

“Oh how you loved him, that boxer Jean Paul Gaultier!

A boxer can come out swinging but never throws in the towel even when he’s as pleased as punch. A boxer has the aura of a King. A boxer is so much more than his punches in the ring. Because a boxer – oh how scandalous can soothe the world in a second. This boxer, he’s all that, and more!

It’s at 325 rue Saint Martin, the Jean Paul HQ, that we find him today. In a huge hall, but this time, a ring instead of a catwalk.

So it’s as if surrounded by family that our boxer arrives: conquering and adored! Around him, the craziest, freest tribe you could ever imagine: Here, everyone can be what they want to be! Here, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Here, life, but better. A mixing of styles, a mix of lifestyles, JPG always and forever at your service!

A clique, dressed in the most iconic looks of the House to celebrate yesterday, today, and especially tomorrow because “a beautiful piece of clothing is alive” as said by Mr. Gaultier himself. And of course, it’s a story of desire.

In the ring, the scandalous Imaan Hammam waits for the unbeatable Parker Van Noord. He, torrid dimples. Her, an incomparable punch and endless legs. The King of the Ring finds himself here with a challenge where he knows the ropes. If our Scandals reach KO – it’ll be a love match!

The fragrance: Quentin Bisch, Christophe Raynaud and Natalie Cetto took as their starting point a fragrance that would be a true reflection of everything that Jean Paul Gaultier is. A very modern woody oriental.

As the starting point they took a “knock-out” freshness, sage and the full-fruit mandarin, pulp and seeds included. That’s the head. Next, they brought in an uppercut “contact” with an overdose of totally addictive tonka bean, to create a truly delectable skin note. That’s the heart. Finally, they summoned into the ring a sensual vetiver to introduce the vibrant force of freshly cut wood. That’s the base. In all these points of delicious tension, a fragrance that boxes in all categories.

Echantillom Scandal Pour Homme Jean Paul Gaultier for men, The bottle:  Almost a self-portrait, it says so much about our boxer. Luxurious, a significant weight in the hand, imposing, clear, and like a boxing ring, not square. It’s the deciding scene where anything could happen… and the matches will go on for several rounds because, of course… it’s refillable! The lid is our champion’s crown, and there is nothing traditional about this king: who has the cheeky excess of a Freddie Mercury. Un-pining this bottle every morning is quite tempting. Perfect to hold, like a talisman. He’s got some luck this King of the Ring!

The case: A box for boxing. Red velvet, but you could say crimson, bordeaux, ruby, garnet. Red is the thrust and speaks to lust. Just stroking it sends you crazy. The hand is placed above, for full, immediate contact. Live and direct to the senses. The crown is engraved, like a seal of victory, a most royal hook. This box tells a story.

Directed by Jonas Lindstroem. Casting: Imaan Hammam & Parker Van Noord. Rossy De Palma, Raya Martigny, Dustin Muchuvitz, Nicola Lecourt Mansion, Mounia Nassangar, Naomi Janumala, Nina Marker, Anna Cleveland, Kim Dohyun, Lizette Pinto e Melo, Marjan Jonkman, Nicolas Huchard, Vladimir McCrary, Sid Oudainia, Alexis Chaparro, Mehdi Douache, Lorenzo Sutto, Vetle Majambere, Chun Soot, Jean-Paul Roy.

SCANDAL POUR HOMME is available as a 50ml, 100ml, and 150ml Eau de Toilette, and in refill flacons in the size of 200ml. The collection offers body care products as well: 150ml deodorant spray, deo stick, and 150ml all-over shower gel.




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